my initial reaction to Proud and Prejudiced

I just watched Proud and Prejudiced on channel four. Muslims against crusades and the edl strike me as two groups as confused as each other, both as crazy as each other. The one wants to impose a fucked up version of Islam on Britain, the other wants to protect Britain from what it sees as intolerance and so becomes intolerant. Part of me sympathises with the edl, as they seek to protect our society from religious extremism. Yet in so doing they become as extreme as they seek to fight. The irony is, both groups intolerance is born of the same thing: they both misunderstand islam. Muslims against crusades is as extreme as the edl which fears and so opposes all of islam; It does not want to see the imposition of shari’ah. But the muslims against crusades advocate the imposition of shari’ah as a reaction to what it sees as the western oppression of Islam: it perceives western tolerant values as being intolerant of Islam… both groups are formed in part as reactions to each other, and thus ironically become the embodiment of the very thing the opposing group is reacting against. I realise this is a mass oversimplification, and there are many more factors involved, but this is how the situation struck me as I was watching Proud and Prejudiced. It’s all fucked up, and in a way strikes me as darkly funny.

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