Another glorious day

Today is fast turning out to be another glorious day. Lyn and I had a late breakfast in a local cafe, then, while she headed home, I went to watch a bit of the cricket in the park again, after which I decided a short walk was in order. ‘Short’ turned out to be a misnomer, however: after a meander through the park, I decided to go take a look at the river. Not far from here, there is a lane called Anchor and Hope Lane, which runs alongside the Thames; it has beautiful views across the mighty river, forming, as it does, a part of the river walk. I think they have renovated it slightly recently ahead of the Olympics.

London and her river looked serene today. Interestingly, while I was up there I had my first look at the new cable car. I had thought that was still in the planning stage, but it now looks like it is almost ready. Indeed, while I was there they started to test it: it looked quite fast. No doubt it ill be slower when carrying passengers, but even so I can’t wait to have a ride on it with Lyn.

After that I took a brief look at what was happening at the dome, and then wended my way home. Not such a short walk, but I find such strolls useful for clearing my head, thinking, and getting to know a city I now love even more intimately.

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