letter to Nisa

My glasses broke earlier, occasioning a trip to the opticians. I go to a small, local, family-run opticians; they know me quite well in there. My specs took ages to fix, and the young lady really had to perciveer. So, given too how many times I’ve had to rely o them, I thought that I’d buy them some wine just to say thanks. I therefore popped two door along to a nearby off license. That, however, eventually resulting in me writing the following:

[quote=”my messege to nisa”]I am a 29 year old with cerebral palsy. I use an electric wheelchair and a lightwriter communication aid. I was at your nisa drinks store in charlton earlier, buying some wine. I wish to complain about the staff there: firstly, when I tried to use my credit card to pay, they insisted I paid in cash. Later, after I had acquired the cash necessary, They still refused to serve me, Insisting that the law somehow states that I needed a ‘carer’ with me to buy alcohol. Needless to say, I know of no such preposterous law, and, given that I have bought alcohol from other shops before, suspect that they refused to serve me simply because I’m disabled. I felt patronized and insulted, and would like to know what action, if any, you are going to take. Yours

Matt Goodsell[/quote]

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