Back off bad-mouthing the NHS, yank morons!

The American right are not happy about our opening ceremony. They’re calling it propaganda because it sang the praises of our NHS. Apparently, we have no right to be proud of having universal access to free healthcare; their draconian system where, if you can’t pay for care you are fucked, is so much better. They found it ‘appalling’ that we should praise a system with death panels, and we just supported it because our media (presumably a reference to the beeb) is ‘controlled by the government’.

As a man who has many friends who owe their lives to the NHS, and who lives in the comfortable knowledge that, should he or his loved ones ever fall ill, he need not worry about paying for first rate care, I say this: stop parroting the mindless gibberish you hear on Fox, stop just assuming your way is better and look at the facts. We have good reason to be proud of the NHS, and if you just stopped swallowing the capitalist shite you are fed every day like the sheep you are for one moment, you would realise why. I am proud of that segment of the ceremony; for you to call it propaganda only goes to show how ignorant and arrogant you are. The NHS is our legacy, of which I am bloody proud. Insult it, and you insult my country; insult my country and you insult me. Keep your unfair, barbaric system if you must, but do not for one moment think it better than the British National Health Service.

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