Paralympic closing ceremony

I suppose it could be validly argued that I should have stayed home yesterday. Lyn and Marta would have gone to the Paralympic closing ceremony without me: Marta could have focussed on supporting Lyn without me getting in the way, and I would have been safe here at home watching it all on tv. That would have been the logical thing to do, especially given I still don’t have my electric wheelchair so I have to walk everywhere.

Well, logic can go take a nice long holiday in Rio! There was no way I was staying home yesterday, no way I was going to miss the chance to see my Lyn play in front of thousands alongside coldplay. Thus yesterday I went with Lyn to the closing ceremony of the London 2012 paralympics, the final ceremony of a festival the likes of which I doubt London will see for quite some time. I must say how proud I am of my city and my country: what we have achieved this year is truly phenomenal. Politically things may be rather dire right now, and most people despise our current government, but that is no reason not to be proud of what happened in London this summer. This city has just put on perhaps the greatest Olympics ever, and seeing Lyn performing at it’s last ceremony last night, having been sneaked in just for their song despite officially having to stay backstage, was the greatest, proudest moment of my life.

I know I should write more. Part of me thinks I should try to detail every moment of the day, recording it for posterity, but I cant. How could any writer convey the excitement of being backstage, or the feeling of awe and admiration I felt when I looked at Lyn and her fellow musicians, about to perform in front of billions? I can’t convey how proud I am, as I doubt words exist in any human tongue which would come close. I can just direct you here, and say that I am now the proudest boyfriend that ever lived.

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