Happy belated birthday charlie

Sunday was one of the coolest days of my life, but I should record that Saturday was rather cool too. Charlotte was in town for the closing ceremony, and, since yesterday was her birthday, she and her family were having a party over in blackheath. Lyn and I were invited, but rather sensibly Lyn decided to stay home and prepare for the next day. This meant that I went with Dominic, meeting up with the Jones family in a pub by the river. I had planed to just have a couple of beers with Charlie and then be sensible and come home, but I must admit once I have a beer or two inside me, sense gets rather lost somewhere. Besides, it had been over a year since I had seen my best friend from university.

In the end we had dinner with them in a lovely restaurant with it’s own miro-brewery*. I’m pleased to report that the joneses are all as I remember them: intelligent, energetic, but ever so slightly eccentric (in the best possible sense). I must say too that I had what must be the best pizza I have ever tasted, in a meal which easily ranks alongside these. I also had the opportunity to chat to Hugh.

Hugh jones makes his own instruments; in a way he’s rather like Rolf Gellher of the Paraorchestra. They both specialize in creating innovative ways of creating music, and I would love to introduce those two to each other somehow. Lyn had asked me to ask Hugh if he could make her something: at the moment Lyn uses her Ipad to create music, as shown here, but I think she wants a way of performing live more effectively. Hugh said he’d be happy to help, so now I think I need to chat with Lyn and bash out an outline of what she needs. Plus it would be a great excuse to get hugh here in order to catch up with him.

Anyway, it was not very late before we headed home. It had been a great evening, and, after a rendition of When The Night Feels My Song for old times sake, Dom pushed me back, my mind unusually not on what had just happened, but on the day to come.

*No prizes for guessing where I’ll be taking Lyn at the earliest opportunity.

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