Great speech, Ed!

I think I just watched Ed Milliband deliver one of the finest political speeches I have ever witnessed, and I think I just watched him become the person he needed to if he is to win the next election. While lacking in much substance – after all, the general election is two years away, so it could be too early to divulge much – in terms of tone I thought this speech was striking. It was very apparent that the geek was gone, and had been replaced with a future Prime Minister. Milliband seemed to be speaking words he genuinely believes in, in contrast to CaMoron, with his over-polished, hollow lies which just sound good but led only to more suffering for working people. It was clear from this speech that Milliband has ten thousand times more compassion and integrity than lying git currently in number ten: he believed what he was saying, and was obviously genuinely concerned about poor people. CaMoron is only concerned with giving tax cuts to himself and his rich friends. Thus this speech reassured me that Labour have a good, competent leader, capable of standing up for working people and people on benefits against what amounts to overt Tory oppression.

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