my chair is back!

I have my chair back! After about three months of being chairless, dad dropped my fixed electric wheelchair off here this morning, no mean feat as it meant an eight hour round trip on his part. I didn’t think I missed it: I stayed in more, of course, but that’s no hardship as I have a wonderful girlfriend, the internet, plenty of books to read and films to watch. The last three months haven’t been that bad, especially given Lyn and I have been so busy. However, I just took my chair for a short test drive, and the moment I hit the pavement, the wind in my face, I realised how much I had missed the freedom my chair gives me. The simple freedom to follow ones nose, to meander around the area seeing what there is to see. That’s what I missed.

Of course, I also missed it on days when I could have really used it, such as the day of the Paralympic closing ceremony. On the other hand, having it then would probably have meant I would have decided to go wandering off around the Olympic village, which may not have been useful for Lyn. In other words, in a way there were advantages to being chairless. I certainly have relished staying home with Lyn more, which is why I resolved to use my chair a bit less, even now I have it back. I will use it when I need to, of course, such as when Lyn and I go out, but I don’t need to go out on so many of my solitary walks, and there could be times when it is easier for me to go in my manual chair. I think that is one of the lessons of the last few months, or rather, that’s what I thought before I went out on my test drive. The moment I cleared our threshold, this started to play in my head, and I thought ”Fuck I’ve missed this!”

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