out for a stroll

One of the best things about living in London, or any large city I suppose, is the abundance of reasonably nice walks. In stark contrast to other parts of the country, it’s a beautiful day here, and not that cold for the time of year, so I just went out in my chair. As I wrote here, I have always liked going out for strolls, but the problem was, back up north, there weren’t that many circular routes. Of course, there were lots of good walks, but these were along roads and paths leading further and further away from home, so at some point you would have to double back on yourself. I prefer paths which lead you in circles, so you never have to see the same bit of road twice: that is why I loved the walk to Swettenham.

The problem was, that walk was rather long. Here in south London, however, there is an abundance of circular walks, long, medium or short, so I never get tired or bored. The one I took this morning was short to medium: through the parks down to shooters hill road, along to blakheath stopping in M&S Food for some supplies, and from there home. Not very long, but long enough to get my cognitive juices flowing. Part of it was on a stretch of road I had never been down before, too: another advantage of living in a metropolis is that there are always new paved, accessible roads to go down – new places to explore in my chair. There were all kinds of people about, going to and from church, doing their weekly shopping, playing in a football tournament in the park, or, like me, just out for a stroll. It was the perfect start to a lazy Sunday, after what has turned out to be one of our busiest weeks ever.

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