Why has New York never hosted the olympics?

Why has New York never hosted the Olympics? I was thinking about this yesterday: I have recently become quite interested in the politics behind the Olympics. It seems to me that this is the nearest thing to a truly worldwide event we have, apart perhaps from the football world cup, but even that does not have the same degree of worldwide interest. When you think about it, the Olympics are a unique cultural phenomenon, and thus they are quite fascinating politically.

I started to look into this yesterday afternoon, just on google. It is surprising how complicated the politics just for choosing the venue is. I was astonished to discover too that New York City has never been selected to host the games – that really did surprise me, given how important New York is globally. When I began to look into why, though, I began to glimpse a labyrinth of international politics, deals, old rivalries and alliances, topped off with a great deal of economics. Apparently, one of the reasons New York has never hosted the games is because the IOC object to some of the US broadcast rules. No doubt similar webs of intrigue apply for Paris, who, Like New york, is thinking of bidding for the games of 2024.

So while I’ve been wittering on about the Queeny-Bondy thing for all these months there is a lot more one can look into on the subject of the Olympics and the politics behind it. That sketch still fascinates me, and I’ve written about it’s importance both artisticaly and politically. Yet such things can probably only occur at events like the Olympics, giving rise to my interest in it as a global cultural event. What I think I need to look into now, though, are the global forces behind the IOC: their choice of city is extremely important, and it seems to me that they hold a hell of a lot of power for such a small, unelected body. Time, then, for me to get back to Google!

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