It’s the tories who owe us the apology

I’m sick to the back teeth of david CaMoron standing in the house of commons and lying to the nation. That might sound strong, but he is indeed lying: he is perpetuating the untruth that the tripple-dip recession this country is about to enter is not his and George osbourne’s fault. He still blames labour, shamefacedly claiming that he is cleaning up a mess they left. I’m sorry, but only a total ninny would buy that. Labour had to borrow large amount in order to clean up the mess they inherited in 1997. I may only have been 14 in ’97, but I knew enough to see how truly awful things were. Thus, to see caMoron try to pretend Labour owe us some sort of apology when they were on the verge of seing growth, and to se that smug asshole George osourne nodding beside him, galls me. If they had any honour they would resign.

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