I have skyfall on dvd!

My James Bond DVD collection is complete again, after technically being incomplete for about five hours. Well, I needed time to go to ASDA to get Skyfall, didn’t I? I just gave her a second viewing – the first being at the cinema – and need now to reiterate how great I think this film is. I almost don’t know where to start, but I think the hype abt this film is well founded. It occurred ti me, as I was watching it, that this film is not about bond per se, bit about M and her past misdeeds. That is, M is brought to the fore while Bond supports and protects her. It was great to see Judi Dench being allowed to show her stuff rather than just being the person who sends Bond on his mission.

Now, I can’t say I think this film is perfect. There were points which I found weak, and I thought the second act could have been stronger. That is to say, the intrigue developed in the first half of the film was not fully carried through into the second. As I noted in my first review, there re also lines which don’t fit, as well as lines which are poorly delivered. Nevertheless, I still think this is a great Bond film, and a great film full stop.

007 continues to fascinate me. He is a character I find intriguing. He seems hold a unique place in our culture: only he, surely, could jump out of a helicopter with the queen, surely. I am still intrigued with that scene, what it could mean, and the significance of Bond in general. Skyfall only fuels my interests, as it adds yet another dimension to him. n this film we begin to understand why bond is bond, this cold, mysogynistic, ultimately imperial figure nobody should by rights like. Yet we do: indeed, in Skyfall, MI5 has to answer to accusations of being anachronistic – accusations that could be levelled at bond himself. It is a nice move, ironically demonstrating why this franchise is still alive: it simultaneously reinvents itself while staying the same.

For Bond is bond, fifty years old and forever young. The guy who defeated Dr. No and the guy who duelled with scaramanga; the enemy of blofeld and the guy who beat La Chiffre; the man who prevented goldeneye from killing thousands and the man who escorted Queen Elizabeth II to the 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony. Rhetorically, he is one man, one figure, we seem to need him, and probably will for quite some time to come.. His name is Bond, James Bond.

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