A very special evening

Last night saw our first proper night out in a while. By that I mean a night of music ad song – a bloggable night. Lyn and I went to a monthly event at a local tapas restaurant, Cataleya, organised by our friend and all round top dude Gus. I think I’ve mentioned it on here before. However, last night was extra special, in more ways than one.

Firstly, last night ruled because Lyn did a set. While it is not an open mic gig, Gus asked Lyn to play a song or two. She was more than happy to perform, and, despite a brief struggle setting her kit up, Lyn’s music was warmly appreciated by the audience. Her electronica is quite different from the rock Gus and his friends play, but I really think the room enjoyed it. Lyn played two songs of her own creation, but I suspect Gus will ask her to do more at future events.

Last night was also special because my old friends Robert and Bernie were there. Yesterday afternoon, I noticed Bernie mention on Facebook that my old university flatmates were in town, and, remembering Rob’s penchent for rock, invited them along. To be honest, I thought there was only a slim chance of them making it, given te short notice and the distance they wound need to travel. But come they did. Sadly, though, thy arrived too late for Lyn’s set, but by then Gus was paying a few old school rock numbers, which I must say sounded awesome. It was great to see them: oddly, my uni days seem at once a lifetime ago and last week. Part of me cannot believe it has been three years since I left cheshire, but another part of me is equally convinced that I have always lived in London, and that I moved here a lifetime ago. Thus, when my old friends walked in, Rob’s brother with them, it was like I had seen them the day before and like I had not seen them in years.

I hadn’t, of course. I had last seen rob three years ago, on my last day on campus. He hadn’t changed much, yet it was great to catch up with him. Both Robert and bernie are doing well, and, dare I say it, seem to have grown together. We chatted and listened to the music: it was wonderful to hear instruments played by men who knew how to play them; there is something about the combination of to guitars, a drum and a double bass which is just plain cool. Gus usually plays on his own, yet last night he and his mates rocked. It’s only a small restaurant, and we were sat at the front near the band (in fact I almost fell on them at one point) so it was hard to hear each other speak at points. Even so, it was the coolest night I have had in weeks. I now think of gus as a fiend, so with Lyn there, and my old uni friends, it felt quite personal, quite intimate, and very special.

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