Taking spastic ballet a step further

This probably isn’t the best place for me to broadcast my artistic ideas, especially ones so embryonic, but I just have to jot this down somewhere to get the ball rolling. I was watching the culture show last night, about Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s new musical about The Book of Mormon, and it ocurred to me that someone should take an equally irreverential attitudde to disability. I know that people like Francesca Martinez are beginning to show the funny side of disability, as do programmes like The Last Leg, but to some extent they hold back. What if we got really dirty? I mean, obscene to the depths of South Park. What if I could somehow expand upon the ethos behind Spastic Ballet? I mean, there was an anarchic element to that: I love the fact that people thought that someone had dressed wo cripples up and forced them to dance; I love that mismatch between perception and reality. Surely there is dramatic and comic potential behind that. What I aim to do now, then, is start playing around with ideas, start generating characters, perhaps use some of the comments people leave on youtube to create scenarios. My aim isn’t to take the piss out of myself or lyn, but to take what we started with Spatic Ballet a step further and develop it into a full narrative.

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