IDS heckled

I just came across this quite cool piece of footage from bbc scotland. As reported here, ”Iain Duncan Smith’s appearance as keynote speaker at a conference supporting welfare reform organised by welfare pimps Capita in Edinburgh ended up a farce of Carry On proportions when activists smuggled themselves into the conference hall and disrupted his speech, with Willie Black, a veteran social rights campaigner telling IDS ‘We dinna want you, we dinna need you & we got more panda’s than you’.” Good on the protesters, I say! These unelected liars need to be shown the pain they are causing: they deserve noting but derision, contempt and ridicule. What angers me, however, is hearing IDS lie about not actually cutting benefits – he may not technically be reducing them, but benefits are indeed falling in real terms. People are suffering due to his policies – policies he has chosen to enact – so to hear the arsehole trying to defend himself, trying to make out he is working in the national interest instead of that of the rich, is galling. I hope the unelected goit gets the heckling he deserves.

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