The protest you probably haven’t heard about.

I am currently nice and warm. As a matter of fact, I’m currently in quite a fun little black dress, but that’s beside the point: I shouldn’t be here, in the warmth of home, but out in the cold of central London protesting agains the bedroom tax. This obscenely unfair tax – and it IS a tax regardless of what CaMoron might like to pretend it is – will hurt millions of the poorest people in society. The impoverished and most vulnerable are bearing the brunt of Tory ideological cuts. As I type, thousands of people are out on the streets of the nation protesting against it.

The strange thing is, it’s not being reported in the news. We have had the bbc news channel on for most of the day, and haven”t heard a jot. I only know about it through facebook: I saw a poster about it on there last night, by which time it was too late to make plans. I hope it is going well, and gets noticed. As stated here,

[quote=”Welfare news service”]Several hundred people gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday to protest against the government’s welfare cuts and the controversial ”bedroom tax”.

Simultaneous protests were held in towns and cities across the UK ahead of the cuts scheduled to come into force in April. In Glasgow, around 2,500 people, including trade unionists and people from disabled groups, marched from Glasgow Green to George Square in the city centre.[/quote] Yet we don’t hear a peep about it in the mainstream media. How very odd…

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