Bomb detectors?

I’m sorry, but I really must record my amusement with this news story. I realise it is tragic, and that people bought the devices in good faith, but you would think anyone about to decade whether to spend thousands and indeed millions on something calling itself a bomb detector would look into the science behind it first. But no: James McCormick was today found guilty of selling fake bomb detectors, devices which he claimed the devices could bypass all forms of concealment, detecting drugs and people along with explosives, the court heard. He claimed they would work under water and from the air, and would track an object up to 1km (3280ft) below the ground. Those who bought them are furious, but one has to ask what they expected. Frankly it is like me going out and buying an expensive computer which it’s seller claimed could cook clean and wash up, but turns out to be a metal box. Now, who would Lyn be more angry at: the salesman, or me, the fool who bought it?

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