Wish I could help more

I went to the GAD meeting yesterday, for the first time in a couple of weeks, and saw the same lady I wrote about here. We both use communication aids, so we seem to get on. She greeted me with a big smile. I hope this is okay for me to write about on here, but I think her main problem is that she is isolated. She craves her independence (quite naturally) and resents her lack of control. She really wants to get out more, to be with people who respect her personhood, I think. She asked me whether I know of any other disability organisations which she could go to. I don’t, really, but next time I see her I plan to tell her about Onevoice, and perhaps try to put her in touch with my crip-activist friends. I came away wishing I could help her more, knowing I probably can, and vowing to at least try to do so. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment.

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