Lyn’s hidden talent

When I got home from school earlier I found Lyn in the room where I usually keep my chair. That was rather unusual: I don’t think,even after over three years of living down here, that I have seen her in that room before. It is small, and used for wheelchair charging and storage. Lyn was in there n order to clean it out, and that is where we have been for the last two hours or so.

You would be surprised at how much stuff there was in there, especially for such a small room. Truth be told I found myself amazed at the process: it seemed like Lyn’s whole life was in there, at least for the last ten years. A record of a remarkable person; a perso with a disability trying to make her own way in the world. There was everything in there, from Lyn’s old photo albums o books to electrical equipment. We decided to keep the precious or useful things, but, to some protest from me, we decided to get rid of much of it.

Lyn is not as muh a hoarder as I am, and one of the things she was going to throw away until I protested was a set of drawings. I had never seen them before, but they were by Lyn herself. They were remarkable images – vivid portraits composed of small lines. It was almost hard to believe they were by lyn, they were so vivid, so good. I don’t write that in respect to Lyn’s disability, but because I instantly saw she has an amazing talent that she for some reason hides. Not only is she a composer but a damn good artist too. I now plan to go through these pictures slowly – I on glimpsed them initially – but I firmly suspect I’ll be amazed. From what I saw, they were clear, vivid images, slightly abstract, perhaps, yet full of emotion. The question now is, though, how many more talents has Lyn been hiding.

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