Woolwich attacks

Just after lunch today I returned to my computer, intending to simply potter about a bit on facebook before returning to the sofa to read. I was browsing casually before I noticed my neighbour harrison’s status: he mentioned a shooing in Woolwich. At first I thought little of it: woolwich is the sort of area where trouble is not infrequent. But then the concern was echoed by his mum, Paula, so I decided to investigate.

Thus I have watched the story grow throughout the afternoon, with increasing concern. It seen became clear that this was anything but a minor incident and at about five I turned on bbc news. I was greeted with shots of Woolwich, swarming with police. It’s strange to see a place one knows quite well, and indeed so close, the site of such national concern: helicopters were – and are – beaming back arial shots of roads I know well. There is currently a car embedded into a two-legged lamp-post which, simply out of fun, I always take care to go under than around. That is a minor point, of course, but one I can’t help but reflect on.

Lyn and I have spent the day at home. My chair is still broken but had it not been, and had the nationwide branch in woolwich still been open, there is a good chance that on a day like today, I could have been driving down that very road at the time this attack – now said to be an act of terrorism – happened. That is a very sobering thought indeed.

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