A good bank holiday

It is already shaping up to be quite a nice day. The sun is out, and rather strong. My parents were just here, paying us a visit: funnily enough, John and I were en route to the shop in order to get supplies when they came round the corner. We were expecting them, of course, but the coincidence meant we could go to the shop together. Now that I come to think about it, it was probably the first time I had been shopping with mum in well nigh a decade. Anyway, once we got back, we spent a happy, and I daresay fruitful, two hours talking: two of the results were my chair will soon be sorted and I have a clear plan of action for my Master’s thesis. God I love my parents.

Now though it’s me and Lyn again. She is back at work in her studio, and I’ll probably rea a bit after posting this, but this afternoon we plan a barbecue. We got the supplies for it this morning, including probably too much beer, so between a great visit from my parents, a good read and the prospect of a few burgers later, this really is turning into a good bank holiday.

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