Woolwich defence league

It has been a log slow day really, but, I’m pleased to report, a productive one. I knuckled down and did three hours solid work on my thesis, going through the entire first chapter. Before that, however, I had the idea of creating a new group on Facebook: the Woolwich defence league was created as a reaction to the fact that fascists like the BNP an EDL are trying to capitalise on the murder of Lee Rigby. They must be stopped – they are planing a march in woolwich deliberately to stir up trouble. Frankly, I would prefer to keep south London fascist free, so I created that group as a form of resistance to such thuggishness. How successful it will be I have no idea, but I just felt I had to do something to show my disgust at he usurpation of this soldiers death. If you’re on Facebook, please join.

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