Where are they taking the hobbits, orlando?

Sorry, but I simply must send you to this bit of random genius from Peter Jackson, commemorating Orlando Bloom’s last day playing Legolas. To funny not to flag up, although it is an interesting example of a piece of fan art being taken up by the original texts creators. Thus this could be a fascinating new step in the relationship between author, text and fan.

A secular prayer into the electronic ether

Get well soon, Mr Mandella.

You inspire me, as you do so many Reminding me never to give up never to stop fighting oppression

And that just battles can be won

Yet all I can offer you is this poem-blog This secular prayer into the electronic ether Which you’ll probably never see.

Yet my thoughts and hopes remain with you.

Naming my new wheelchair

It might surprise some of you to hear that I still haven’t thought of a name for my new chair. I got a new powerchair, a Volt, two or three weeks ago: sturdy and reliable, it’s great for city life. It’s slower than my old F55, so I wasn’t sure I liked it at first, but it has proven ideal for getting on and off busses etc. And although the charger makes quite a din, the battery life is good too. Time, then, to give her a name, as I did with her predecessors, Defiant and Bat’leth. The problem is, I can’t think of one. I usually chose something Star-trek related: Defiant was named after a cool little warship from Deep Space nine; Bat’leth was named after a type of klingon sword. They were both sleek and powerful, and thus needed sleek and powerful names. My new char is different: More practical and reliable than sleek and powerful. So what can I call her? To let her remain unnamed would be dull. I’m thinking of calling it Yosemite, after the ‘old faithful’ geyser there, but I’m still open to suggestions.

Bibliography boredom

Bibliography reformatting is dull It gives me time to think bores me out of my skull Takes me to the brink

But now it’s over, done

It’s time to relax, have fun

Time for a walk into a city

That, in the evening light looks so pretty.

My reward for my labour

So many smells, so much flavour.

Aye, a good stroll at the end of the day

Is enough to keep bibliography boredom at bay.

The only way to get proper star trek back

Last night I stumbled upon a film taken by an audience member at last years Star Trek London event, showing all five captains at a question and answer session. About halfway through, it emerged that there was once a short lived plan to ressurect the franchise with a film in which all five captains were brought together in some sort of time distortion and had to apend the rest of the film getting back to their own time frames. Of course, this would probably have sucked, which was probably why it was abandoned, but I must say it caught my attention too. It may well have worked; handled the right way, it might have been what the franchise needed. We live, as I see it. In an era where nothing is too far fetched: given that last year we saw the queen parachute out of a helicopter with James Bond, something which, before then, would surely have sounded totally absurd, we can’t rule anything out. That’s why I think that clip is so important: no idea can now be seen as too silly, too implausible. Thus why shouldn’t Kirk, Picard, Archer, Sisco and janeway unite in one more star trek epic? It would be a brilliant way to ressurect Trek. Indeed, before the 2009 reboot, such a stunt would have been the only way star trek could have been returned to its former cultural position. Now the reboot has been made, however, and the trek I loved has been superseded, there is little chance of that happening. Yet my point is nothing can be ruled out, so if others feel as I do about the return of proper Star trek, surely as dubious as this idea sounds it must be made so. Such a stunt would be the only way we could get proper star trek back, the way we fans knew it.

Of new contacts and new instruments

It has been quite a cool couple of days. Firstly, yesterday afternoon I made a couple of friends. Last sunday I was out for a walk when, just as I was passing a pub, a woman asked me to stop. She asked if I had cerebral palsy, and I said yes. Apparently, her on has cp too, so that, from a distance, she thoughtI was him. She invited me in for a drink, and, never one to turn down a beer, I accepted her offer. I went in, and we got talking. I could tell from the way she spoke and acted that her knowledge of disability was good, so she probably wasn’t lying or trying to dupe me. She introduced me to her partner, and said she worked in the media. I decided this contact was worth making, and gave her my email adress.

However, despite her promises, a few days later I hadn’t received anything from her. I suspected, though, that rather than her not bothering, she had simply taken down my email wrongly. So yesterday at about the same time, I set off for the same pub, just on the off chance she would be there again. To my surprise, she was, this time with her son, Luke. He is a powerchair and communication aid user, and, more importantly, an actor and writer. I instantly decided I liked him. Again we got talking, exchanging stories and proper contact details. It seems that they are in the process of fund raising to buy Luke a mechanised Neater-eater, and I (together with Lyn) was invited to the event. I came home happy, feeling that I’d made some new good friends, and eager to introduce Lyn to them.

Today was another cool day: some guys are designing a new instrument for Lyn, a ‘Lynstrument’ (their name!) They came to show her their latest work today, and I think we were both mightily impressed. I won’t say much about it, as it is a work in progress, but it is very exciting indeed. I cannot wait to see Lyn do a gig with that thing: she will have even more ability to get a crowd thronging with it. And I daresay I would not bet against Luke and his mum being here too, all being well.

a hurtful, despicable idea

I get disability living allowance, and I don’t mind admitting to that, but I must say that I find this call in the daily mail for the publication of weathfare recipients details very offensive indeed. In fact it has made me quite furious. Of course, whoever wrote this article seems to think to perfectly reasonable, and that tax payers have a right to know where their money is going. I find the arrogance and patronisation staggering. We benefit claimants have rights too: a right to privacy; a right not to be seen as scroungers; a right not to be perceived as inferior to those who pay tax; a right not to be seen as the effective property of the state, as whoever wrote this article seems to imply we should be. Such a list would render anyone on it second class citezens, underlings expected to be grateful. I am beside myself with rage that such a hurtful, despicable idea could be seriously proposed in a national newspaper. It is one thing for me to chose to be open about claiming DLA, and quite another to be automatically placed on a list of ‘scroungers’.

underwater wheelchair ballet

My friend john just sent this my way. It must surely be one of the most incredible things I’ve seen in a long, long time. It concerns a woman who goes diving in her wheelchair, performing a type of underwater wheelchair ballet. I must say, if there wasn’t video evidence, I would have dismissed it as some kind of joke, but the proof is there and it is absolutely beautiful. Check it out!

Bus poem

Chugging along on a bus

For to a bank I must

Bumping through the city backwards

In the crip-only space

In a bus going southwards

Through this mad chaotic place.