Looking for something new to obsess over

I recently decided that it is high time I found something new to obsess over. My three main interests in terms of media – bond, Star trek and Lord of the rings – are all cultural megaliths, and cornerstones of popular culture. While I think that there is something in all three that I’ll always love, I now think I need something new to squeal about, something less mainstream. After all, they are all sort of passe; everyone knows about these mainstays of american post-classical film. To admit to being a fan of any of the three franchises sort of marks one out as a bit nerdy, a bit uncool. Time, then, for me to find something more niche, something less wellknown, for me to become a fan of: the question is, what? Sometime soon I plan to go on to Youtube to look for new narratives and characters – narratives completely unknown in mainstream media. I have no idea what that new obsession will look like, but I just want it to be the antithesis of the queen-escorting, multi-oscarwinning cultural phenomena I have been occupied with for so long. Any suggestions?

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