A couple of days ago I mentioned that I had smashed the screen of my Ipad. Coming down the hill the other night, it slipped from my lap and went under my wheel. Of curse, I was horrified – I was so disgusted with myself for letting it happen, I couldn’t even look at the broken screen. After all, that was the Ipad which Lyn used to perform before the entire world! Thus I thought Lyn would be angry, but in a combination of cheek and wisdom that only m wonderful girlfriend possesses, she had predicted it would happen some time and had planned for it. Lyn knew exactly were to order replacement screen, and did so.

That arrived this morning. We ha looked up videos on how to swap the screen ourselves,but it looked very complicated, so this afternoon I scooted off. According to google, the nearest Ipad repair store to us is in Bermondsey, just a short tube ride away. I’m now used to having a map on my lap, though, so it took me a while to find it. I asked in one computer repair store with no luck, but the staff in the second couldn’t have been more helpful. After I had explained that I needed my Ipad to communicate, their promise to have it fixed by tomorrow became an attempt to fix it in an hour; and indeed when I returned an hour later, there it was, as good as new. I was very impressed, and very thankful. I hereby fully endorse London Laptops Ltd, and will probably be going there again, ‘though hopefully not for a while.

Now I need to find a way of securing the Ipad to my lap or my chair properly.

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