blatant tory discrimination against and ostracisation of disabled people.

Right. Time for me to stop naval gazing about things which, although interesting, don’t really effect our day to day lives. I just heard that ten disabled families have lost a court challenge to social housing benefit cuts for residents with spare bedrooms in England, Wales and Scotland. That means that disabled people will be charged for any spare rooms the may have, even though they need the space. For example, Lyn and I live in a bungalow with two bedrooms, the second of which I use as an office-cum-storeroom-cum-dressing room. we both use lot of equipment, like wheelchairs, hoists and computers. Thus we couldn’t live without the extra space. We also need our Personal assistant to stay over sometimes too. if the bedroom tax is enforced, we will either have to pay extra or move.

I’m now extremely concerned and angry, as will be, no doubt, thousands of people with disabilities up and down the country. It is quite clear that ‘we’ are being unfairly discriminated against, and that some of the most vulnerable people in society are now being made to pay the most. How is that fair. After all, we cannot help needing the extra space; it comes with the dribble. Yet it seems we will now have to pay extra, as will many more in much tougher positions than our own.

What pisses me off, though, is that this tory-lead government does not care: it is taxing the poorest people in society while lowering tax for the richest, and calling it ‘fair’. They claim they want to break people of wealth fare dependency, and encourage self-reliance. To them, everyone should fend for their selves and tax should be low. But I think that is an excuse for greed, selfishness, and all that is base about humanity. I’d love a job, but those on the right refuse to see that things are not that simple. Not everyone is able, and so those who are should help those who aren’t. Thus I see no evidence of compassion in conservatism, just elitism and a contempt for anyone who is not wealthy. To them, we crips are useless eaters who should find jobs or be left to starve. Either that or we should rely on charity rather than the state: fed by kind voluntary donation rather than a benefit system. They lie to theirselves by saying that, in a low tax system , people give more to charity, soothing their consciouses and justifying their selfishness.

I don’t want to be a lesser being, and nor do I want to be a victim of Tory greed expected to feel greatful for a rich man’s charitable whim. For all their talk of ‘seeing things in the round’, for all their dissembling justification, this tax amounts to the blatant discrimination against and ostracisation of disabled people. How can we allow such bigots to remain in government?

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