New equipment

The guys who created the Lynstrument visited again today. They are now making Lyn a new mouse, or rather a device to control the curser using buttons. What they did really was awesome: they are creating it for lyn specifically, so they spent a while working on getting the buttons positioned just right. However, they intend to use the same rough format for other people, so they were using a piece of card covered with velcrow strips onto which they could stick the buttons. They’ll now go away and make a permanent version, with the buttons positioned precisely where Lyn prefers them. Great stuff indeed, if only everything was so easy for disabled people: as we discussed in brief with the guys, we often have to pay relatively extortionate prices for specialist equipment we cannot live without – or are told we cannot – yet is often inferior to cheaper alternatives. It is a problem many of us face, and so I can’t help thinking we have been very lucky in this instance.

Nevertheless, I must say that being overcharged for such vital equipment has to be one of the worst things about being disabled, and is probably something that hold many of us back.

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