conflicted about syria

Pretty soon I intend to try to write something about world events. It has been a while since I passed comment about such matter,, and it will feel good to look into affairs beyond my personal here and now again. For now though, I cannot decide how I feel about syria: going to war again would be unwise, of course – conflict and bloodshed must be avoided wherever possible – yet part of me worries that the UK has made itself irrelevant. By voting against involving ourselves, have we effectively bowed out of the world stage? Then again, you could say that we cannot keep blindly following the Americans into war after war, and this is what should have happened with iraq. Indeed, one senses the shadow of iraq bears down heavily. The problem is, in this case it is obvious people in syria are suffering, and need help. Thus I find myself in two minds, unsure what to think. Either way,, the vote has been cast, and all we in Britain can do now is watch.

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