ms marsh’s letter to mr. marr

Last night’s Doctor Who episode was indeed cool, although I must say it didn’t get me as enthused as it might have. Of course, there were one or two brilliant touches, such as the cameo by tom baker, but I can’t say it got me that excited. I might feel differently after a second or third viewing, so I’ll hold back from writing much about it today.

Instead I would rather direct you to this open letter by Sue Marsh to Andrew Marr. Marr apparently recently said that, since his stroke, he feels he has a greater understanding of disability, yet fails to press IDS on the Tory persecution of people with disabilities. In her letter, marsh points out that had marr not been in quite a privileged position he may have felt differently. It is a quite humbling, haunting yet beautiful piece of writing, asking the bbc political editor to but himself in the position of a less famous person in a similar position. You get the sense that Marsh is speaking from experience – she knows how tough thing are, and what the tories are doing through their bastard minions at atos. Above all, it is an excellent commentary I think all should read.

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