Two-nill to Charlton

While cricket is still my main sporting interest, by no means am I immune to the allure of football. Last night, I went to the local match – Charlton at home to Doncaster. It was my aussie friend James’ idea: on our way back from seeing the cat empire, we agreed in might be awesome to go to a game. The ground is just down the hill, and could not be much easier for either of us to get to.

Apart from the fact that J was a tad late because of trouble with the trains, there isn’t much to report. After all, what can be more normal than two mates meeting after work to go see a football match? It was a great game: Charlton won two-nill with two beautiful goals. After, we just came back here and had a beer each (me trying to avoid mentioning the Ashes all the while). I was in bed by eleven, tired but happy. I wouldn’t be surprised, now we both have Charlton shirts, if going to the football With James becomes a regular event – I hope it does.

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