Last night was fairly good too. While out on one of my rolls earlier this year, I noticed that the Steriophonics were going to play at the o2 arena this Autumn. Now, truth be told I have never really been into the stereophonics; I just knew they were a fairly big band with one or two cool hits. As I was there, I asked if there were tickets left, and there were. With that I texted Lyn to see if she was interested in seeing them, and she was, so I bought us tickets. After all, a night out is a night out wether we knew the band well or not.

That was so long ago I almost forgot about it; at one point I worried that I had misplaced the tickets somewhere, but they just hadn’t arrived here yet. However, last night came at last, and my fears of losing the tickets or forgetting to go didn’t materialise. I always get a thrill when I go up to the dome, it’s such an awesome place, although when I mentioned that to Lyn as we waited for the gig to start last night, she cooly replied that it was tiny compared to some of the places she has played.

Nevertheless, it was an awesome night. I seem to be developing a taste for live music: I’m now thirsty to see more bands, go to more gigs, especially with Lyn. However, as epic as places like the o2, brixton academy and indeed the olympic stadium are, I think we both prefer smaller, more intimate venues, so that is the type of gig I’ll be keeping an eye out for now.

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