A happy meeting

I had quite a heavy night on the ale last Monday so last Tuesday morning I decided a couple of weeks abstinence was in order. It was all going well, and I had even discovered the wonders of alcahol-free beer, until I took my usual walk yesterday afternoon. I was down the hill when I got a message on my iPad: it was my friend Luke, writing from a Pub not too far away, asking whether I wanted to join them. What could I do? It would be rude not to go.

Five minutes later, I was opening the door to the Albion; and there was my friend, whetting the head of his cute new niece. Almost immediately, I was offered a bitter, and suddenly the words ‘no thanks’ seemed absent from my vocabulary. It was, however, great to see Luke, Sally and family, and it turned out to be a very fortunate meeting as we got on to discussing the films we intend to make. I had almost forgotten about it, but Luke and Sally still seemed enthusiastic despite the pause. My own enthusiasm for the project was reinvigorated, and I rode home about an hour later very happy indeed. Okay, I had let myself down slightly by giving in to my thirst, but the prospects were looking up: we now intend to meet again soon to get on with shot lists, casting and so on – the nitty gritty of filming. How very exciting indeed: the future looks bright, and if I have drink a beer or two along the way, it’s a sacrifice I have to make.

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