Lyn is on IMDB!

As a film student, the internet movie database is – or used to be – my first point of reference. Whenever I come across a new film, the first thing I did was look it up on IMDB. It is one’ bread and butter, used daily. You can imagine my pride, then, when yesterday I discovered Lyn had a page on it. I was bowled over when I found it my fiancee, up there with the likes of Shore and Burnstien. She has one credit so far, for the soundtrack she did for Unstoppables, but that is enough to fill me with pride.

Talking bout film, though, one further note: Yesterday afternoon Dominik showed us The Intouchables, a 2011 french film by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano about a disabled rich man and his new, rather unconventional personal assistant. As I watched it I fell deeper and deeper in love with it. I could relate very well to it’s touching yet fun depiction of a PA/PA-user relationship; I’ve been in a few similar scrapes to those shown. It struck me that this was the type of story which needs to be told. I’d need to rewatch it, of course, before I write a proper review, but I would say it’s definitely worth hunting out if you can.

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