A truly smashing weekend

Last nigh I think I ate one of the best meals of my life: it could certainly go on my list of great meals, not just because it was particularly good – although it was a damn good pizza – but the chain of events which had brought as up to that point were remarkable. Mind you, not all of them were positive.

On saturday charlotte came to visit. I had been like a child on Christmas eve all day, waiting for her to arrive. I had not seen C in ages, and was expecting a cool evening ahead. Our initial plan of going clubbing up in London had had to be abandoned as our PA paul couldn’t stay late. That did not matter, though, as there are plenty of places to have fun around here. At ten, Paul would leave us with C, and she would make sure we got home.

And have fun we did: I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sight of Charlie doing Kareoke in the Royal Oak, where hearing her sing one or two of my old favourites made me feel very happy and nostalgic. Then it was back up the hill, the four of us singing all the way, to the White Swan. At that point, Paul left us, and we thanked him for a great day. That was the point at which the barman, obviously taking a shine to charlie, began to give us free shots of tequila.

The next thing I’m aware of is waking up, the sun starting to shine through our bedroom curtains. Lyn had just got up for a minute or so, as she often does. It being early, I rolled over in need of a couple of more hours sleep. I was just nodding back off, when…


I bounced up: Lyn had toppled sideways onto her beside light; blood streaming from her eye. I panicked, and thanked providence with all my being that C had stayed the night. I ran into my office, where my old university friend was sleeping on the airbed I bought earlier last week, and woke her.

To cut a long story short, a few hours later saw us coming home from the hospital; Lyn’s wound, scarily close to her eye, having been stitched up. We had been bloody lucky: a millimetre up and Lyn would have lost her left eye. We were brought home by ambulance, surprisingly upbeat. Mitchel was here by then, as was Charlie, who had gone ahead in a taxi. We then spent a quiet afternoon here, resting after our ordeal.

But the weekend wasn’t over yet. Last night saw us out again, L’s eye patched up. We had booked a table in a nearby pub, where We’d meet Hugh, Jodie, Poppy and a couple of C’s friends. To be honest I was expecting Lyn to opt to stay home – and who would have blamed her – but she is a trooper. In the event, though, it turned out that the pub I had selected had stopped serving food. I suppose it was a bit of a fail on my part, but it was easily remedied: a short walk later saw us at Zero Degrees, a microbrewery and pizzeria in blackheath, where I had a truly delicious Peking Duck pizza and, forgetting my promise to stay on cola, a single, excellent beer. Despite the ordeal of a Sunday morning trip to A and E, it was the perfect end to an incredible weekend: a smashing weekend which I doubt I, lyn, or indeed Charlotte, will soon forget, Although I felt bad about Lyn’s accident, I couldn’t help reflecting to myself what a bloody lucky fellow I am.

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