Good luck mr. clegg

I did not think it was so soon, but I just saw on the news that tonight is the night of the debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage. Of course, I can’t say I particularly like Clegg right now, given he is helping to maintain an oppressive, vindictive, unelected government, but I despise Farage even more. He and his xenophobic, bigoted party would isolate this country, cutting us off from Europe and in turn the wider world. UKIP would destroy this country but don’t even have the intelligence to realise it. They speculate hazily that freeing the UK from the EU would free us to trade more with Asia and America, but fail to realise the obvious fact that Europe is the bigger market, so Asia and America would ignore us and trade only with Europe. Thus I’d like to wish Mr. Clegg luck, and hope he puts that irrelevant idiot farage in his place; all sane, intelligent arguments being on his side, it should not be too difficult. No doubt I’ll be giving my verdict on the affair tomorrow.

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