A couldron of opportunity

You sometimes have to wait a while, but I love how, every now and again, the city throws something awesome at you. It’s like the place is a cauldron of opportunity, one event leading to another then another. Look at the Olympics for example: only in a space such as London could one see the queen jump out of a helicopter with 007, and the woman you love play before the world. That was two years ago, of course, but London continues to throw opportunities towards those who will seize them, a place where everything has been proven possible and therefore where anything can happen.

Today, I had a meeting at the university of East London about the possibility of me volunteering at the rix centre, where they make all kinds of media for people with disabilities. It was arranged by the lady I work with at school, and I am enormously grateful to her: I have a feeling this might lead to somewhere special: the campus is awesome, and I can’t wait to start the ball rolling there.

Between my work with school, gad, Luke and now this it seems I have busy days ahead. I am very excited indeed. I think the city is awesome for making my life so vibrant, and I thank the woman who introduced this life to me, Lyn, with all my heart. Who knows where London will take me, or rather us, next.

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