Three out of four in one day

Yesterday was one of those insanely busy sort of days, which absolutely knacker you out yet make you feel alive. First, at about noon I had my usual Ipad group at school: I go in and help a group of students learn to communicate using their Ipads. Then, after a quick slurp of coke and a kiss at home, it was off to greenwich to check in at GAD. My business there was brief – you know the type: things were happening there but hadn’t yet, so I need to wait a bit more. It’s coming along though, and will be very cool when things are sorted.

Then, from Greenwich town, I caught the DLR to east London university in order to attend a screening I had been invited to. It was a bit of a complicated trip, especially for a distance so small as the crow flies, but I got there with time to spare, and grabbed a coke in their canteen before the screening. It was not unlike the Wes in there, which made me slightly nostalgic. I’ll hopefully be starting work at the Rix centre there next week, so I’ll probably bet to know it.

The film we saw was The White Ribbon by Michael Haneke, a brilliant if at times slow german ghost story, with no ghost. Set in 1913, I read it n relation to Heimat, as it seemed to concern the same kind of traumas, the same uncanniness, the same unease with the land; the discussion after, however, focussed on the actors experience and the director’s process, so I couldn’t add much; Interestingly, however, they read it as an allegory about class, certainly a valid observation. Nevertheless,it was a great evening, and hopefully I’ll be invited to more.

My initial plan after the screening had been to head back to Greenwich to attend a bikers’ event where our friend Gus would be playing. The screening at the university was longer than I expected, an, despite starting at five, I didn’t get clear of it till gone nine. By then,, it was too late for anything more: I caught the DLR to Woolwich and headed home, grabbing myself a pizza as I always did after late thursday lectures. It had been a great day, one which thrilled me and filled me with yet more confidence. I may have missed the final gig, but there will be more, and three out of four isn’t bad.

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