something I can be truly proud of.

I have just spent the last four and a half hours listening to my computer read my master’s thesis. While I am, of course, intimately familiar with it’s content, I had never sat down to read it from start to finish – whenever I tried to do so, I was overcome with feeling of impending doom. Now I’ve had my results, though, I no longer need to fear: given that I intend to use it as a springboard for future work, and that people will probably be asking me about it soon, I decided I needed to brush up on it. After all, I wrote parts of it six or seven years ago.

I need not have worried. While I repeat myself slightly a couple of times, and I could do with ironing out one or two transitions to improve the flow (a result of the document being worked on for such a long time, I think) what I found myself listening to this afternoon was something I can be truly proud of. It is possibly the best thing I’ve ever written; at over forty thousand words it’s certainly the longest by far. It isn’t perfect, but I found my argument convincing, and I feel that theres a lot of good stuff in there. As I noted here a week or two ago, it shows me what I am capable if I stick at it. More importantly, though it ives me confidence to go on to bigger, better, perhaps more creative things.

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