Sleepwalking into somewhere dark.

It seems we now have to put up with the obnoxious, utterly objectionable sight of Nigel Farage hailing his ‘victory’ in the european elections. It is almost too much for me to stomach: I still contend that, if people actually thought about what he and his party advocate, they would not touch it with a barge pole. But then, the average ukip supporter seems unable to think for his or herself. Regardless, we now have a major problem: a xenophobic, homophobic party has now lied it’s way into mainstream british politics: one that seeks to abandon european cooperation; one that denies climate change; one that would abolish independent living for disabled people; one that thinks men should have the right to beat their wives. For goodness sake we have to do something. Farage and his band of morons must be countered. In Scotland they have the snp, whom I’m slowly warming to: should Scotland become independent,, I’m seriously considering suggesting to Lyn that we move north at least they’re leftist. Without Scottish support, Labour might never be elected again, leaving the u.k to permanent tory rule. Here in England things are drifting more and more to the right, and now have a pseudofascist free to espouse his hateful views. Surely we most act: with the three main parties doing nothing, we must fight together against this bigot, before he has us all sleepwalking into somewhere dark.

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