Non Academic yet important details

Now my masters is all done and dusted, I have started to go through my old files. I did a of of writing for it which didn’t make it into the final thesis. At one stage during the process, I explored he personal Aspect of filmic love, where I look into the social side of cinephilia. Looking over these short pieces, I see why they were cut. Strictly speaking these anecdotes were not academically relevant as they have little to do with ideas like those concerning the contingent, at the core of cinephilia. Yet part of me wishes I had left them in, as they describe moments i love in both film and my life. For example, I detail the night that tony and Charlie took me to see casino royale, and how that experience in part gave rise to my adoration of the ending of that film. I mention somewhere too that part of my passion for Star Trek stems from my friendship with Andrew fox – I mention his death, but leave out the non academic details which nevertheless enrich the story on a personal, social level.

However, it seems time to put that right. My blog does not need to abide by the same rules as my thesis. In this entry i noted the links part of me wanted to include but didn’t; I also began to touch on this idea here. I will probably include more as and when they occur to me, but it certainly feels like I have started to put something right.

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