Commonweal coincidence

A strange, almost eerie, coincidence recently occurred to me. It’s nothing much, and I’m sure it could just be dismissed as just a wierd twist of fate, but to me it begs to be noted simply for the record. As I am sure we all know, tomorrow sees the beginning of the commonwealth games up in Glasgow. Back in 1998, my class back at school took part in a wheelchair display competition. That year, they were bidding for the commonwealth games to be held in Manchester, so our teacher chose to base our display on that, choreographing it to Chariots of fire. We had already sailed through the heats in Withenshaw with a display based on The Full Monty. The odd coincidence is the main competition was in Glasgow.

I can’t help reflecting on that simple duality. It somehow gives me a greater link to tomorrow’s games. It forces me to think back sixteen years, to the weekend my friends and I visited Glasgow. We had a great time. I even won the single disco event! Yet I can’t reflect too on how so many of those guys I went up there with have since passed away, giving the realisation of this coincidence a poigniency I can’t help but notice. Thus tomorrow’s games take me back to an awesome weekend, but one that now seems a lifetime ago in an era long passed.

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