Not travelling to work

I suppose I should be used to such patheticness by now, but it still comes as a shock. On Monday i read that Michael palin, one of my all time favourite people, is due to do a stage presentation of the latest volume of his diaries, Travelling To Work, in Shaftesbury avenue in October . At first i was uncertain whether or not to try to get tickets, but this morning I decided to throw caution to the wind. After all I have loved palin since I was little, and this show will apparently focus on the era surrounding Palin’s travel shows, the very thing which made me aware of him.

So off i se this morning. I know I could have tried to order online, but I kept just being directed to third party ticket websites. Besides, going up there meant I could make sure we got the two wheelchair spaces and two PA spaces we need.

Getting there was easy, as usual: the performance is at the palace theatre, just up the road from Westminster. I got the bus, and beat my way through the crowds, growling at Danny Alexander as I passed him. I rolled up to the box office and asked for two wheelchair spaces and two carer spaces for Michael Palin. I expected the least they could do was tell me that they were sold out – after all, it was rather close to the performance. But the reply I got was far more pathetic: the wheelchair spaces were taken, not by other wheelchair users, but by the sound desk. The sound desk! Have you ever heard anything so abysmal, so discriminatory.

I was about to complain, but bit my tongue, turned, and headed back. They promised to email me should the situation change, but I have to say I was pretty upset. I told myself to look on the bright side – we saw Monty Python Live two months ago, which should he enough. I had bought tickets for that almost a year in advance, so I could not be too miffed; things could not all go my way. Yet the excuse I was given just seemed so careless, so pathetic. It just seems unfair, especially given how much I would have loved to see Michael Palin in person.

UPDATE At about 4.30 today I received an email saying the situation had been resolved and my tickets had been reserved. hurrah! any criticism on m part is withdrawn.

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