Despand the tory party now!

I have just been watching the tory party conference screaming at the tv. How dare that collection of insults to humanity laugh when they are causing so much pain? how dare thy pat themselves on the back when their policies have driven so many to suicide? how dare they pretend they are acting altruistically when by lowering tax they have caused people to starve. How dare they be so arrogant to think that wealth just trickles down, when anyone with just a shred of humanity sees that such policies feed only the wealthy few? how dare they laugh at labour,who actually care about other people, when each and every one of those vermin is guilty of such greed selfishness and arrogance? That which Ahab had against the whale is now nothing compared to what I now have against this collection of liars and cheats and idiots. Day after day I see reports of the suffering they alone have caused. All hyperbole aside I truly hold what the tories are doing, in directly attacking the poorest groups in society, to be criminal, and I want this group of selfish, arrogant arseholes broken up.

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