fast loosing patience with the beeb

As I thought it would be, last night’s Life Story was a treat. There were some spectacular shots, some of them, such as one of a star morphing into an animal’s eye, absolutely blowing me away. Combined with the soothing, timeless yet authoritative narration of Sir David Attenborough, it was the first part of yet another jewel in the crown of the bbc natural history unit. Mind you, rather than write a full review today, I now think I would prefer to wait until the entire series has aired before launching into my usual gleeful ramblings.

However, the NHU aside, I must say I am fast loosing patience with the beeb, and especially it’s news. I used to be something of a fan of it, being instinctively supportive of the way it is funded; but lately it seems to have become a Tory an ukip cheerleader. On this afternoon’s news bulletin, it enthused about how the economy was recovering and things were doing so well despite may people across the country being in absolute desperation due to the Tories. It gladly towed the government’s line on the money we owe to the EU even though it is part of the rules we signed up for and is by far outweighed by the revenue we get from being part of Europe. And on every one of it’s political panel shows like Daily Politics or Question Time, it has either Farage or one of his Neanderthaloid lackeys, despite ukip only having one seat in parliament. Compared with, say, the greens, ukip is being disproportionately represented in the media, and is thus punching far above it’s weight. By rights, the bbc and other media corporations should be deriding them as a laughing stock – after all, this ‘party’ includes members who advocate wife beating and the mandatory abortion of babies with disabilities – but instead they are all dancing to ukip’s abhorrent tune. I might have expected this from other channels, but from the bbc, the corporation of Attenborough, Palin and Python, the channel upon which I first saw Star trek and who helped produce the 2012 olympic opening ceremony, the media outlet which I once respected above all others; that is almost too much for me to take. It seems the bbc, too, has lost it’s way, and I am horrified at what is happening with our media.

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