My usual wednesday rage

It’s wednesday again, and once again I have spent the last half hour yelling at the tv, becoming angrier and angrier as that arrogant, unelected prick CaMoron tells us how wonderful he is, how well he and his party are doing, and how fortunate we all are to have him as prime minister. I’m sick of it. It really rubs me up; I find myself shaking with rage as I think of the suffering he and his party have caused through their cuts, only to watch him try to blame all our woes on labour. It was Labour who started the recovery, and the economy is doing well despite, not because of, what that barely numerate prick George Osbourne is doing. But now we have to watch the tories hijack the credit, thinking they can sneer and jeer at those who actually care, patting themselves on the back for lowering taxes while people reliant on benefit starve. It is utterly infuriating. I’m sure it worries Lyn to get so angry, but too see those tory scumbags impose their childish neoliberal views on us is almost too much to bear. I want the fuckers out!

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