Defending Katie Price

I would count myself a negligent blogger if I didn’t direct you to this fascinating and wise Guardian article. It defends the right of Katie Price to have services for her severely disabled son paid for by the state. People have apparently been up in arms on social media about it, screaming their tiny little brains out that Price can afford to pay for such things herself. Yet, as the article points out, the point of the welfare system etc is that it is universal, there for all; as soon as we start begrudging it to certain people, we start down a path that ends in it’s complete collapse. Thus, the way in which everyone is now lining up to lambast price is symptomatic of a culture we’ve been lead into: a culture which scapegoats those who rely on benefits as scroungers and shirkers. In other words, Price is being used as a tool with which to make public enemies of those who cannot defend themselves. It’s the old ‘divide and rule’ ploy, and is indeed precisely what the nazis did in scapegoating minorities. Kate Price’s right to state help for her son must therefore be defended. After all, she presumably pays high-rate tax; if she contributes to the economy that way, she has the same right to state help as any other member of society.

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