Transphobic bigotry excused by religion

Until a few moments ago I was in a rather good mood: the sun is starting to shine, and we have party to go to later. But then I came across this piece of transphobic hate-speech. A bigoted old fool in Rome who calls himself the head of the catholic church has launched a tirade of abuse against transgender people. He says people who alter their bodies go against god’s design; that they go against the ‘order of creation’. I know I shouldn’t care. I know these are just the ramblings of a stupid old man who believes his imaginary friend created the world in six days. Yet, whether I like it or not, what this particular idiot says matters.

Why can such people get away with what boils down to bigotry, just because it is n the guise of religion? I know a little about transpeople, and many of them have particularly hard lives. I think too of Lyn, the loveliest, most patient of partners and probably the most remarkable people I’ll ever know. She lives exactly how she wants to live. For this old idiot to condemn her and those like her just because it goes against what he thinks is written in some moronic old book really pisses me off.

I too play with gender. I haven’t dressed up much recently, but the urge is still there. In part I see it as vital for breaking down gender barriers and rereading social roles. The pope says I am wrong to do so because it goes against god’s will. Well, screw your god! Right – where’s my pink leotard?!

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