Two very different experiences

I think I ought to note something astounding. My iPad hasn’t been online all weekend. It turns out there was something wrong with the SIM card. When the problem first cropped up Friday, I razzed down to Woolwich heading for the O2 store there. Usually when such things happen, staff are very accommodating, and I expected that after a few moments of fiddling in my settings I would be back online. However the staff in the woolwich shop were extremely discourteous, ignoring me at first and treating me with something approaching abuse when I finally got their attention. They refused to even touch my iPad due to the few spots of dribble on it. They spoke over me, treating me like some combination of errant child and dirty animal. In the end they chose to get rid of me with the blatant lie that my connection will restore automatically in a few days.

Today, my iPad still firmly offline, I decided to go up to the O2 shop in the dome. The contrast in my experience today with that of Friday could not be more extreme. The staff were kind and friendly, going to some length to help me. They took my iPad, gave it a wipe with tissues, and a while later restored my connection. My SIM card needed a top up. I went away thanking them deeply, grateful to be functioning normally again.

Yet I still feel hurt about Friday. It is now clear they were lying to me, naming excuses not to help me out of what boils down to pure discrimination. In fact, I am now strongly considering making a formal complaint.

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