Streetview – the explorers handy compromise

Yesterday I was on my way home from a meeting up at the british museum, in relation to my work at the RIX centre. It had gone very well indeed, and I got some very useful networking done. On my way back to Westminster tube station, rolling through central London I felt the urge to explore. Even after five years living here, there are still places I haven’t been, roads I’ve never rolled down. Passing through Trafalgar square, I felt very tempted to make a detour under Marble arch and cruise up the Mall. But it was getting late, and I was due home.

However, I just did it. Using the wonderful Google Maps streetview, I was able to make the trip I was not able to yesterday. I know it’s not quite the same, and you do not get any of the true city experience sitting in your office, but when it’s cold, wet and dark outside yet you still feel like exploring, streetview is a very handy tool.

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