Leonard Nimoy indeed lived long, and prospered

Coming home after an afternoon out, I just checked the news, and saw this. ” Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr Spock in the cult sci-fi series Star Trek, has died at the age of 83 in Los Angeles, his family has said.” As a star trek fan, I am suddenly heartbroken: Nimoy, through Spock, helped make Star trek something I love. While I came to the franchise after the original series, I adore the films starring the original crew, which Nimoy both starred in and, in one or two, directed. Spock was one of the greatest characters, present throughout the franchise’s sixty-year history, and part of me hoped we’d see him again in forthcoming films. That will not happen now, and I feel deeply upset about it. I can only send you here, to one of my all time favourite star trek scenes, and say that Mr. Nimoy has been, and always shall be, my friend.

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